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Image by Andrea Natali

Available Services

Complete Overhaul and Service

During this service, we will disassemble the timepiece professionally, clean each part, reassemble, oil, and test the piece to ensure it is running optimally. 

Battery Change

We can help get your quartz watch back up and running, whether this is a Timex or Omega. 

Part Replacement

We will find and replace any broken or damaged components with original parts and repair the timepiece back to the manufacturer's specifications.

Clock repair

We are currently able to help with quartz and mechanical small clocks including wall clocks and mantle clocks.

General Cleaning

Cleaning and polishing external components with no disassembly of the internal components of the timepiece.

*We do not currently Re-Lume or repair deep case scratches 

Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches are taken on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, due to the volume of wristwatch repairs, we are not currently manufacturing components in the shop. So we are limited to our provider's/our back stock on older piece

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